Kreuzigung 1992

Kreuzigung, Crucifixion 1992
Hallein evaporator tower
Scene Salzburg Festival
Large scale installation / Production:
Franz Frauenlob
Metal, wood, pigment 20 x 13 metres

The original installation under the original working title of Kreuz, Kreuzigung Kreuz, Kreuz Kreuzigung (Cross, crucifixion cross, cross crucifixion) deals with the dialectics of the western crucifixions of Christ and the abstract form of the cross in the fine arts. The whole surface of the object can only be perceived by changing the angle of vision, as the cross hanging diagonally into the room is located above a perforated intermediate plateau. The steel construction was clad with wood and pelted with blue pigment reminiscent of Yves Klein’s blue. Some of the pigment fell off and became dispersed in the former evaporator tower. In that tower, concrete plinths (originally to anchor heavy equipment) rose up at the level of the audience, unavoidably recalling sarcophagi.

Text by Peter Gorsen Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung 1992