It’s all over now, baby blue, 1998

Salzburger Kunstverein 40 Days 20 Exhibitions
Disco ball, slide projector, black velvet, DIN A3 b/w copies, sheets of paper, partly marked

Black velvet was hung on three walls of the room (20 x 10 x 6 metres). Towards the end of one of the longitudinal walls, the velvet was ruffled and reveals the original white of the wall. The neighbouring shorter wall is also white. Opposite that wall at eye level was a rotating disco ball (1 metre Ø). A ray of light from a slide projector fell on the ball; the projector threw a transparent slide onto the ceiling from a distance of 15 metres. Up close, b/w copies/ sheets of paper pinned to the velvet can be clearly seen in the mirrors. These copies of drawings had been marked with a blue felt pen. The dim ceiling light bathed the room in a lunatic atmosphere.

Text by Ulrike Matzner