#1 fish in the pond of Ueno Park (Tokyo), alternating with fish in the aquariums of different restaurants. the sushi chef is already busy in the background

6 Haiku

japan 2008

1 fugu
4.41 sw

2 turtle
2.58 sw

3 going seaside
1.35 sw

4 couples in the dunes
3.03 sw

5 kanaka surfers
3.15 sw

6 Tottori
3.10 color

#2 the head of the giant turtle only moves towards the end, before that, one eye blinks slightly.

#3 Slow pan along an estuary on the periphery of Tokyo. The metro crosses it on a bridge, beneath it a smaller group on a trawler sets out into the open sea.

#4 a couple descends from a rise in a small sand desert and gets lost in the incipient sand storm. prior to that they pass another couple at some distance.

#5 attempts to surf in cold water by a group not far from the coast (probably a surfing school).

#6 the chairlift serves tourists for viewing this famous place in film history (The Woman in the Dunes, 1964 ) the sand desert located at the sea swallows new arrivals during a sand storm; a crossing late-comer towards the end.