orientexpress 2007

the last journey of the “Orient Express” (June 2007)
8.41 b/w

night: the train starts moving. Filmed from the sleeper carriage, the last lights in the Salzburg station gradually fade; cut to the dimmed light of the carriage corridor. * (1) day begins: we see fellow-travellers waiting for the train to arrive at gare de l’est. * (2) arrival: the camera follows those passengers as they alight onto the platform, and walk along beside the train. (3) Scenes *(2) and *(3) filmed with 2 parallel cameras: this gives rise to 2 versions of the same event. The visual angles are slightly different however. After editing, the 2 locally shifted sequences run one after the other. On the “last journey of the Orient Express” a game is being played between various forms of asynchronism. In this asynchronous world, the passenger does not really arrive.