in situ view 2001

caput mortuum IV 2001

Periferic, Biennale Yasi
Curated by Matei Bejenaru; catalogue
Super 8, b/w; endless loop;
Four film projections, parallel – simultaneously;

Production: A circular hole is cut at head height into a taut fabric wall measuring 2 x 3 metres. Three adults, one child (standing on a stool) stick their head through the hole, one after the other. Time: about one minute. The frame is chosen so that the whole person can be seen from the rear. During filming, the people do not move. During projection, the whole sequence is not used but instead one frame is duplicated endlessly. The Installation: the four endless “photo sequences” are projected in parallel onto a fabric wall from the back. The projectors are not visible but clearly audible. The projectors suggest film sequences where there are only stills. After a few hours, the quality of the pictures begins to change due to the mechanical wear and tear (flash-like scratches increase, outlines blur …)