caput mortuum lll 1997

Galerie 5020 Salzburg

Installation Part 1
Photo wall, soccer goal mouth, tin barrels, neon light, ball

Installation Part 2
TV, linen sheet, candles, plaster sculpture, plastic animals

The installation took up two of the gallery rooms; the room at the back was blocked. (Part 2) Cult action by Armin Vilas. In the room before it, a soccer goal mouth plus net were firmly positioned in front of a photo wall. The illustration showed boys from a Brazilian favela about or pretending to kick the head of a recently eliminated drug dealer. (One of the boys would seem to be about to lob the ball.) Beside the head is a candle, which also points to a ritual murder. Two barrels, one yellow, one green, originally containing concentrated orange juice, were in one of the opposite corners of the room, which was bathed in pink neon light. A football is lying around inviting someone to kick it. In the blocked off room there was an altar-like construction draped with a large white sheet. On the television a film documenting the Maria Lionza Cult was running. Several candles were burning, toppled plaster busts and a plastic scorpion stuck to the monitor served as devotional items.