stop n’ go

super 8 2005 b/w 17'03"

at the beginning is the pursuit and overtaking of an old fire brigade out on a call, filmed during a car journey all round tiblisi. Soon that event is ignored and the focus shifts to architectural impressions. The car circling the legendary soccer stadium in Tiflis draws the attention of passers-by and those living close to it. Archill appears – a lad playing with his knife on a balcony. Knives are then the theme at the market – bargaining, exchanging, buying. Change of scene; the car trip into the country on bad roads is a rocky one, the potholes heighten the jerky, nervous aesthetic of the hand-held camera. Half way there, we have to wait again; we see an impatient man surrounded by villagers and dogs, undecided whether to leave the place, until he finally boards a bus heading for the capital.