s8 2018/19

lizards meander on a hot roof. this one is transparent. the camera catches the movement from below and keeps looking for the amphibians while they have already disappeared to another place.

strikingly curved railroad tracks create a reverberation to the just-seen, leading to sculptural amphibian fantasies. in a slight blur and at dawn the vision of an early dinosaur park are brought to surface. 

again the rail metaphor, this time as a transition to a flowing crowd. Now, with artificial light, for a certain period of time, you can see the currents that bring people together at a large station separating them  soon after.

again change of location. this time under earth, in this case under the river. a tunnel for pedestrians and cyclists. they rush in both directions, one can follow them only briefly, each time in shortcuts. 

at the end two windows in the backlight predominantly tagged with black.